IJNM: proposing a special issue

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Proposals to organize a special issue for the International Journal of Network Management (IJNM) should be submitted by email to the associate editor: Aiko Pras, with a Cc to James Hong.

Each proposal should include:

  • Proposed title of the issue
  • Name of guest editor and one or two co-editor(s)
  • Contact information, positions, and affiliations
  • Previous experiences in organizing special issues / conferences in the area of network management
  • A draft version of the Call for Papers
  • An indication of the number of expected papers and where they will come from
  • A description of the review process and the expected acceptance criteria ?
  • A list of potential reviewers
  • A tentative timetable

Regarding planning, the following can be used as a rough indication (in months):

  • X: CFP announced
  • X+4: Announced deadline for submission
  • X+5: Selection of reviewers (expect 50% to decline, for whatever reason)
  • X+8: Reviews received
  • X+10: Camera ready received (after possible major revision)
  • X+14: Final publication ready

IJNM is published 6 times each year, but the last issue of the year will not be used for special issues.

Note that it is essential to have a thorough review process, with 3 independent reviewers per paper. Papers coming from the organizers should be avoided. The guest editors are expected to write an editorial, however.